Let’s make this personal. Which one best describes you?

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As a successful business owner, you’re a good decision maker, look after your family and your staff and can handle pressure.

But due to your everyday demands, finding time to take a serious look at your own personal situation keeps getting delayed.

Read more if it is about time you put yourself first, took a serious look at your own overall financial situation, and begin realistically planning for your future dreams. 

You’re a self-funded or largely self-funded retiree, justifiably proud you’ve gotten where you are by yourself.

Perhaps with all the changes to superannuation  or the low interest rates and risks with the high world markets, or just that you don’t want to worry about this aspect anymore, you’ve realised it is time to get specialist advice


Read more if safety, simplicity, direction and assurance for your future dreams is important to you.

You’re acutely aware the majority of your working life is behind you, and you know it’s time you really focused on your future plans and actions.


You’re not exactly sure where to begin, nor how to best structure things to ensure you maximise your situation in the run-up to the finish line before retiring.


Read more if the clock is ticking and you know it is time you met with a specialist who can provide you with direction and peace of mind.

As a professional in the modern world, ‘time poor’ is simply a way of life.


Fitting in family and social activities is hard enough and you’re a very intelligent person, but finding time to better manage and understand your money is seriously challenging.


Read more if between taxes and expenses you’re not sure you’re getting ahead like you should be and you want to consult a specialist for advice you can understand and is easy to implement.

You now have a reasonable amount behind you, and while you feel some security in this, it’s still one of the biggest things on your mind.


You want to safely make the most of it but may feel unsure about your next steps and concerned about putting a foot wrong.


Read more if you want a specialist to look at what is right for you and provide guidance and the best path forward in your situation.

If you have dependents, a business or liabilities (or the complete trifecta), then you’re likely to need some level of financial protection.


To make sure your situation is secure, and you can safely continue to make your own decisions or simply live your life without the concern of ‘what if’.


Read more if you need a specialist who can provide you with help, guidance and clarity amongst all the various options out there.

Ultra-High Net Worth Family Seeking Specialist Services

  • Where you understand you are not leaving money and assets, but a legacy for future generations
  • Where managing your family wealth is not a part time job but requires the full-time attention of those with expertise, care, diligence and real-world communication ability
  • Where strategic philanthropy can provide real as well as intrinsic benefits for your family’s situation, while financially assisting community groups or charities or DGR’s that you choose to support
  • Where you understand your estate plan does not have to be equal it has to be seen to be fair in your circumstances, especially if spendthrift children, special needs relatives, blended families or other specific circumstances are a major consideration that needs the correct attention
  • Where you are the central driving force behind it all, and you either no longer wish to be managing it daily or you realise you won’t always be around to do so.
  • Where as much care and attention has to be given to your entities and their inter-relationships, as to you personally and your relationship with family members
  • Where you wish to deal with a specialist group who understand you, have years of experience and are used to dealing with exactly the rarefied types of issues that you face
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Business Owners

So seriously, why are you in business with all the risks and everyday pressures?

Unless you answered, ‘masochistic tendencies’, you probably said “To get ahead” or “For a better family lifestyle and well-being”, or similar.


A few honest souls go straight to the bottom line and identify “to make good profits and grow our family wealth” as the basis for ‘getting ahead’ or being able to afford to continually provide for a better family lifestyle over the long term.


We know that owning a business can be all-consuming, and by the time you get home looking at your own personal financial matters could seem more painful than having teeth pulled, so gets pushed aside and falls off the list of priorities.


But what would you say to an employee continually ignoring and putting off day after day a critical function that could severely affect you financially, simply because they didn’t feel like doing it?


Deep down you know putting off looking at your own situation could detrimentally be affecting you, potentially very, very significantly.


Being successful at business, you have your own proven way of doing things, and you would be used to making strategic decisions. But sometimes when it comes to properly looking at your own affairs, it pays to get a different perspective, one that both Accountants and legal professionals trust.


Let’s spend some time working things out. A relatively short time invested now will give you peace of mind for the very thing you work so hard for; your future. We have a proven process to make this easier for you. So, make this easy for yourself and book a time during work hours and get out of the business for an hour (surely you owe at least that much to yourself?) and simply begin.


All you really have to do is speak with us frankly about your current situation, what it is that you are striving for, what you want for you and your family, and what is really, really important to you.


We’ll aim to get as much other data from the Accountant and various other sources as possible on your behalf. It is then our task to take it all into consideration and develop the best personalised financial plan and structure for you to achieve it all. Once we’ve had the chance to meet again and ensure it makes perfect sense to you, we help you with all the parts to implement it successfully, and then monitor it with you over the years, tweaking where necessary.


Above all else, we know accuracy, not wasting time, and value are of critical importance to you.


So seriously, if you are in business, especially with all the demands and risks that come with it, shouldn’t you get the most out of it for yourself and your family?

We know business. We speak with your Accountant in their language to plan out the right approach for you so that You can afford to relax.


If direction and assurance for your future needs, aspirations and desired plans is of ultimate importance to you, please contact us to make a confidential discussion time.


The Best Years of Your Life


It can seem quite daunting to trust someone else with your financial future, especially when you have achieved and managed it over the years all by yourself, or mostly so. It’s not easy finding someone that listens properly to you and that you have confidence in to look after your savings, and who will work alongside you with strategies to help you achieve a life plan that suits your long-term view of how you want to live your life.

By the same token, managing your own financial future can be challenging, difficult and potentially full of pitfalls.

You simply want and expect a happy and contented retirement. That’s our job, and we take our job very seriously.


The majority of our clients are either successfully retired or close to retirement. Over the years, our business has become an acknowledged specialist in retirement planning. Each year, aside from helping numerous clients achieve and maintain retirement independence, we also run training sessions for a number of Accounting firms and seminars for their clients in this key area.


As you undoubtedly know by now, successfully retiring has as much to do with your attitude, aspirations, activities and aspects of responsibility that you want in your life, as much as it has to do about money and finances.

By taking the time and care to properly listen to you, to fully understand your lifestyle and health choices, and to gain a complete understanding of your overall financial position, we can then plan and work with you to fulfil your retirement and lifetime goals with peace of mind, dignity, certainty and enjoyment. And let’s face it, getting old isn’t fun. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun as you get older.


Regardless of how complex your situation, we aim to make understanding and managing it simple, so that you can sleep easy.

It’s your life, your retirement, and perhaps ultimately your legacy. We provide you with confidence and security with our exceptional level of personal service, which means that you can achieve the particular lifestyle you desire and can rest assured that your estate planning needs are also secured. We have exceptional experience in the area of succession and estate planning, working closely with a number of pre-eminent legal specialists in this field both locally and nationally, so that you have certitude in your ultimate arrangements, without stress or undue anxiety.


Ibessa Strategic Financial Specialists are a group of privately owned businesses, that places our clients’ needs and benefits first and foremost. Our Principal, Ian Byrne, conjointly owns the Australian Financial Services License with a small exclusive group of similar professional financial planning firms so that we are not bound to any parent organization or large institution who dictates that we use their own particular suite of superannuation or investment products.

If direction and assurance for your future needs, aspirations and desired plans is of ultimate importance to you, please contact us to make a confidential discussion time.


The best years of your life are yet to be. But to share your dreams and see your future, it’s time you met with a specialist who can provide you with direction, peace of mind and make your vision crystal clear.


Over the years you’ve sacrificed, worked hard all your life, aimed to do the right things, and now you just want to ensure that you have a satisfying and happy retirement. But you’re acutely aware that the clock is ticking, and you know it’s time to get professional advice on how to maximise the remaining years of work.


So how do you pick somebody to get advice that you can trust?

That’s easy. Over 10 Accounting firms and 3 Legal firms throughout the region have already vetted us and our advice standards and superior results achieved for clients. And you know how conservative Accountants and legal specialists can be when dealing with other professionals. They have confidence in our firm and processes, and actively choose our support for their clients in providing clarity, direction and sensible strategic advice, especially when facing retirement decisions.


The majority of our clients are either successfully retired or close to retirement. Over the years, our business has become an acknowledged specialist in retirement planning. Each year, aside from helping numerous clients achieve and maintain retirement independence, we also run training sessions for a number of Accounting firms and seminars for their clients in this key area.


It is fair to say that over the last 20+ years as professionals in this area, we have learnt not just from all the studies and technical trainings that we complete throughout our careers, but as much if not more from being in the prime position to watch our own clients live their lives well in front of our eyes over that time, and successfully retire with our assistance – yes, even throughout the GFC with surety and calmness.


We’ve also found one of the biggest anxieties people can have when facing retirement is the fear of the unknown. Working each day for so many years is a large part of our psyche and identity, especially if you’re a business owner, manager or professional. Losing that title, identity or community recognition can be a monumental void, with apprehension on what comes next.  Our retirement preparation process ensures that your lead up is well-structured, prepared and thoroughly thought through, so that retirement simply represents the freedom to do exactly as you want in your own time and on your own terms, when you get there.


Your superannuation is undoubtedly one of the most tax effective means of investing for the long term, but also has inherent Estate Planning opportunities that it can deliver. However, it is just one of the tools and options in amongst a range of solutions and strategies that we utilise when considering your own personal circumstances and goals, ensuring that you and your family are placed in the best possible long-term position.


When you’re able to receive your super, you will have access and control of possibly one of the largest sums of money you have ever had. How confident are you that you have all the necessary skills, knowledge and information to safely navigate your way to a secure retirement? With your current super provider, is it in the best place currently or have you just inherited it from a choice you or your boss made off the cuff at work years ago? Have you ever analysed it to compare the true costs and potentially hidden fees? Would you like the professional opinion of someone who is trusted by Accountants for providing advice solely in clients’ best interests, someone from a privately-owned business who isn’t bound to an institution nor large parent corporation that dictates self-interested product flogging as a solution?


With Centrelink, will you be eligible and how best to structure things so that you can legitimately maximise what you are entitled to? And what about ultimately when you’re no longer around, that your estate is organised and handled exactly as you wanted, particularly if there are any family concerns?


Your Ibessa specialist helps remove the guesswork and builds a clear pathway, so that you can retire with independence and dignity. We look at your entire situation, now and for the future and assess if you may be entitled to additional benefits to ensure that you get everything available to you. Good planning and good management will ensure your superannuation funds and personal wealth will be sufficient for the goals that are truly important to you, last throughout your retirement, and easy to understand and manage while giving you peace of mind. You have the power to make that period of your life the time of your life, whatever you want. We just help provide the guidance and certainty.



If direction and assurance for your future needs, aspirations and desired plans is of ultimate importance to you, please contact us to make a confidential discussion time.


Considering all your clients, patients, assistants, suppliers, business partners, professional associations, regulators etc, who’s the most important person that you probably don’t get the time to look after to the degree that you should?


Simple. You.


We know you’re busy, so we’ll be brief.


You’ve invested in yourself with all the time spent studying to become a professional. Being highly educated, managing money to get ahead shouldn’t be difficult, but finding time to simply get around to it and properly organised is often the hardest part.


With a large range of Medical & Dental specialists, Accountants, retired Councillors and CEO’s of national firms as our clients we understand the challenges you face. Income rich but time poor, where time is the most valuable commodity that you can’t buy more of. Obviously, a very good income is a clear benefit for living standards today, but what about tomorrow? Where do you see yourself and your family in future years?


This is where an informed, tailored strategy by an experienced financial specialists plays an optimal role – working for you and your family’s future, so that each day you can focus on your health, your family and your career with peace of mind knowing things are organised.


You work in a professional environment and rightly expect similarly professional financial specialists working with and for you.


It is our aim to work with your Accountant and legal professional to develop a financial plan that’s consistent with your personal and professional ethics and goals, look to investment structures to minimize tax liability, mitigate risks where possible, and protect your family and finances from litigation through the appropriate tools.


We liaise with your Accountant and speak their language to plan the right strategies so that you can afford to relax.


A relatively short time invested now will give you peace of mind for the very thing you work so hard for; your future. We have a proven process to make this easier for you. Make it easy for yourself; simply book a time during work hours and get out of the office or surgery for an hour (surely you owe at least that much to yourself?) and begin with a discussion.


You time is precious. Make it even more valuable in the future as well. It’s time you put yourself first and took a serious look at your own overall financial situation and begin realistically planning and intelligently preparing for your future dreams.


If direction and assurance for your future needs, aspirations and desired plans is of ultimate importance to you, please contact us to make a confidential discussion time.

Inheritance or Accumulator

You now have a reasonable amount but rather than feeling totally confident financially, it may be one of the biggest things on your mind.


It is only human that the more we have, the more we’re worried about losing it. But it’s also a fact that as you amass wealth, your own financial situation becomes more complex. We understand that you may feel unsure about your next steps and even potentially overwhelmed about putting a foot wrong. But what is the right thing to do? One thing is certain, that whatever you are hoping will not be achieved by wandering around aimlessly, guessing and hoping that what you are doing is the right thing.


Common sense should kick in, just like with health and medicine; for a mild headache people generally safely self-diagnose and take a Panadol; for a little worse like an odd rash they may search “Dr Google”; but if it were to be anything large or significant, getting professional advice and solutions is a must and simply makes sense. After your health, your financial position is one of the most important aspects in your life that must be properly looked after.  


As financial professionals, we know that the effective strategies, the best structures and the most appropriate investments are all dependent on three things; your circumstances, your goals and what allows you to sleep comfortably and easily at night.


We make sure that not only are our solutions appropriate for you, but that you understand and are comfortable with what is done and how it will benefit you and your family. In other words, whatever are the truly important things that you want to achieve within your determined timeframes will help shape our analysis. We then draw on our experience and expertise to help craft the right strategies and solutions for what to do with your money and when. We also help you through all the necessary steps and paperwork that may be involved to implement it successfully.


Studies conducted both pre and post the GFC, show that seeking, receiving and adhering to good professional strategic assistance can substantially enhance returns over the long term. But, it’s not just about the money. As a consequence of putting in place a sound, sensible strategic plan and maintaining an ongoing professional relationship built on trust, there is evidential proof that receiving sound professional financial advice produces positive psychological and wellbeing outcomes, and more relaxed enhanced lifestyle results. And of course, part of what we do is help you avoid making those bad decisions that could affect you worse than ‘missing opportunities’ that people may want to sell you.


Creating a plan based entirely on your vision of what you really want to achieve, implementing it, gaining the confidence, clarity and direction, seeing the results being delivered and then periodically reviewing it with someone you’re comfortable with, all help to eliminate the doubts and anxiety associated with indecision, uncertainty and lack of true confidence.


In a jungle of financial terms and options, how confident are you to navigate your way safely through all the traps, or would you prefer to have an experienced guide assist you on the best path forward?


As your professional adviser once we understand what is important to you, we can then show you how simple and effective managing your wealth and planning for your future can be without stress or undue anxiety. With our skills, knowledge and expertise, we identify the planning strategy that best suits you and your family and help you to make the right decisions today in order to achieve the best possible results for your future.


Why choose us? That’s easy. Over 10 Accounting firms and 3 legal firms have confidence in us and actively choose to refer their clients to us to provide clarity, direction and sensible strategic planning.


If direction and assurance for your future needs, aspirations and desired plans is of ultimate importance to you, please contact us to make a confidential discussion time.   

Protecting Against Financial Risks

After your health, assuring your financial security should be one of the biggest things on your mind.


It’s often said, ‘how we deal with hard times defines our character’. We prefer saying, ‘how we plan for those potential hard times defines our success getting through them’.


Whether you are starting out and want to set everything up correctly from the start, or else have been working for quite a while and now want to de-risk your situation,

good planning is about helping you make the right decisions today that result in the best possible outcome for your future.


If you are worried about maintaining your financial security and independence and assuring that you have the freedom to make choices and take control, then first you need to realistically consider all your options and ascertain what you need to put in place to make this a reality. We frankly can assess your situation to look at what risks, if any, you currently have and the most appropriate solutions for you and your situation. Our professional assessment is comprehensive and extends through to your family and to your business where relevant.


A straight-talking fact: the statistical reality is that we all will suffer some major misfortune in a way we never envisaged during our lifetime.


Studies conducted by Australia’s financial regulators, ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments Commission) and the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), conclusively proved that the clients of professional advisers are better covered and their claims more successfully paid, compared with unadvised or direct policyholders. At our firm, we have seen this firsthand having doggedly but successfully worked for this exact outcome on our clients’ behalf.


An important part of our value as professional advisers is simply experience. Particularly given the often complex nature of risk insurance underwriting, we provide a working knowledge of the insurance ecosystem which you don’t need to try to navigate, let alone speak their language. We have seen with prior successful client claims, this experience and knowledge and understanding can be invaluable, leading to improved outcomes for you with considerably less stress and worry at a time when you have other more pressing health issues already on your mind.


We help remove the scary things, the doubt, the stress, the anxiety and worry of financial risks, so you can get on with living your life.


Our proven process aims to place you in the best possible position after unfortunate circumstances. At a time that can be in the very least physically problematic and emotionally draining, financial concerns are one aspect that can be eliminated with the right advice and planning. And if you cannot return to employment or even independent living, it should not signal an end to a future of freedom; the financial freedom and assurance to live your life your way, with confidence, financial stability and dignity.


So, you’re still reading this because something we have said has piqued your curiosity or resonates with you (or you currently have a really boring social life!). Isn’t it about time you just simply got this done and in place, with professionals who can help guide you through your various choices and then be there when it counts, at claim time? The clock is ticking, you know it is time you met with an expert to for guidance and to give you peace of mind for your future.


If direction and assurance for your future needs, aspirations and desired plans is of ultimate importance to you, please contact us to make a confidential discussion time.