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Further below are the photographs and information that you came to this particular page to get an idea of who you will be meeting with, (and yes we know, to quietly check that we don’t have two heads or anything like that). However, before that, rather than the typical website statements about how much ‘you can trust us’, or simply listing all the different services we provide, we think it’s more telling ‘about us’ to give you an insight into what we believe as a professional business handling client’s financial affairs. Please check for yourself if what we say below makes sense and resonates with your own beliefs:

We firmly believe that:

  • After your health, your financial position is one of the most important aspects in your life that must be properly looked after.
    That is why, just like maintaining good health, you need to tend your finances. Unfortunately, it is also true to say that finances can affect health when stress, concern or uncertainty enter the picture. Our role is to help remove these by providing guidance, direction and ultimately, peace of mind.
  • In a modern world with almost too many choices, arranging your personal affairs or business finances can be time consuming, difficult and simply confusing. 
    Even extremely astute young professionals or experienced business people can be bamboozled with the terminology, choices and time required to gain even a reasonable understanding of all the various options available to us nowadays. Utilising experts with the necessary experience and resources to draw upon, simply makes sense whether it is planning your retirement years or attaining a new loan to further your family’s position.
  • The more money or wealth that you have does not reduce the number of issues you face, but simply changes the type of challenges you have.
    Our clients range from those with extreme family wealth to ‘ordinary’ people. What is similarly crucial across all, is our understanding of what is truly important to you, what you truly wish to achieve now and through your lifetime and what your current position is. A large part of our success is our ability to draw on both internal expertise and a network of nation-wide experts, to find the solutions that best suits you and that you are comfortable with.
  • Banks and large institutions nowadays have only one loyalty; to themselves. Our loyalty and interests are solely aligned to you, our clients who are the lifeblood of our business and livelihood.
    That makes common sense, right? So how did the big guys lose sight of that essential truth? Our business is based on providing outcomes, service and satisfaction to our valued clients. We’re not a bank. When you meet with us, we don’t just make you feel it, you are the most important person in the room and the only goals and objectives that matter are yours with no other focus.
  • We are not about generating fees simply for the sake of it. We’re busy enough without having to manufacture work.
    If your situation is already set up correctly without really needing our services, or if due to your particular needs we’re not best suited to look after you, we will let you know. In fact, a large number of our clients were referred to us by happy people that we met with but did not need to take on as clients. For that very reason, you and anyone you may refer to us in the future has the certainty around the quality of business and advice that you’re referring to.
  • How you structure your affairs can determine the failure or success of both your goals and future.
    It’s often said hindsight has 20/20 vision. That is where our experience and expertise play a vital role. We aim to work constructively and actively with your Accountant to ensure that we all are aware of all the working parts that need due consideration.
  • There may not be one perfect simple solution, but there can be more effective or suitable means to achieving your goals in the best way, that can be explained simply and logically.
    If only life were simple. Even though some aspects you’re facing may not be, to quality professionals who do understand you and your requirements, they can be simplified and sorted in such a way that the options or solutions make sense to you, and that you achieve the outcomes you’re most comfortable with and will give you peace of mind.
  • Especially when you are starting out or in business, debt can be either a powerful tool or problem. The right debt used and structured the right way for the right reasons can be of great assistance, but reverse that statement and you may never financially recover.
    Rather than the popular self-help book, ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, we prefer to educate clients where necessary about ‘Good Debt, Bad Debt’. Making sure your assets aren’t unnecessarily cross-securitised and that your family’ position is secure is a primary focus.
  • Making wrong decisions can have as much if not more of an impact on your success in life than making right ones.
    We help protect against exactly that. We look to eliminate unnecessary risks, reduce inefficiencies and aim to help you avoid anything that may have detrimental impacts on your wealth and family’s financial future.
  • Maximising your current position will enhance your future circumstances and lifestyle, which in turn will provide you with peace of mind, protection and success.
    We aim to keep things simple, so that you can sleep easy at night. Even when things get complex or technical, we make sure we explain it without all the jargon and so that you will understand and be properly informed before making any decisions. This is integral to our strategies and offering as a financial planning firm is about helping you make decisions today that result in the best possible outcome for your future.

At Ibessa SFS, we have the qualifications, experience and expertise to look at your financial situation in depth and in conjunction with various other professionals. But more importantly, we care about your well-being and ensuring that you have peace of mind and the right solutions make sense to you.

So now you know what we believe, and you’re still reading, please see below who you will be meeting with:

John Cantamessa

Senior Finance Broker

As co-founder of Ibessa Strategic Financial Specialists, John has more than 18 years’ experience in financial services. For the last 10 years John has been an independent finance broker.


Working with a wide range of clients from experienced business owners and high net worth clients to young individuals who are just starting out. John specialises in arranging finance for any residential, commercial and equipment requirements


View John’s LinkedIn profile for more information

Erin Boland

Finance Broker

As a residential lending specialist Erin brings more than 15 years’ experience in the finance industry with the last 10 years focused on assisting clients realise their property dreams. With her attention to detail, excellent customer service and results focus for her clients, Erin can help you avoid the pitfalls in the home buying maze.


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 Professional Associations & Memberships – MFAA, AFCA

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Office Location

Located by choice in the tropical paradise of Cairns, we service clients throughout Australia as well as ex-pats based overseas.

Suite 6 254 Mulgrave Road

Westcourt Manor

Westcourt, Cairns, Qld 4870


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